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with the love of God!

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Michael & Brenda Soldan

Wherever life's circumstances may have brought you, know that you are not alone. 

Other women have been there and want you to draw from their prayers and strengths!

Women, know that there are awesome treasures and gifts inside each of you!

Warrior Women of the Word

Filled to Capacity!

Hampton Inn
81 Newtown Road, Danbury, CT
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Monika is a lover of God who has experienced the transforming power of the Lord in her life that she will share with us!  She is an accomplished writer and has published a CD of children's music and just published the book, "Pet Paradise" which was written to comfort children and adults as well when they experience a loss of their beloved pet.  She is also in production for publishing a series of amazing heavenly downloads called, "Gifts to the Giver."  This compilation has been 30 years in the making.

Having a background in cosmetology and hairstyling, Monika owned salons in Florida and Connecticut and created her own skincare and cosmetic line.  It was during this time that the Holy Spirit began to draw her into a realm that she couldn't resist.  She was making people feel and look beautiful but there was still something deeply missing.  She sought to seek the inner beauty in her own life and then had a deep passion to help others see themselves as God sees them - beautiful in every way! 

Monika will share her life experiences that will draw you closer to the realization of how uniquely special you are & know that God has a Master plan for our life!

Our November 3rd Warrior Women of the Word
special breakfast meeting has been filled to capacity!